The Small Print

Yorkshire Heroes is an independent web site and is not in any way affiliated with the York Army Museum. We object most strongly to the practice of public domain records being locked away from public view, and only accessible by the payment of a large search fee.

Our database collections are the result of many years of research and study. We understand that it is easy to get excited by all of that data but please, do not forget how much you would be paying for so much information on commercial web sites such as Ancestry, FindMyPast and The Genealogist. An little donation from a lot of people will go a long way to keeping our web sites open.

All of the data and information on our web sites is provided as-is and in the best of faith. From time to time we all experience the dreaded 'finger-trouble' and make the odd mistake or two. You must always satisfy yourself as the the value and accuracy of anything you read on our web sites and, for that matter, any other sites you decide to explore. Until you have confirmed the information you have research three times, you have proven nothing. Whenever possible, you should always revert back to original documents for confirmation of supposed facts. We cannot accept any responsibility for any errors on any of our web sites. If you find or suspect an error, please tell us and together we can help to put the record straight.

Copyright Stuff

All resources on the Yorkshire Heroes web sites are copyright. Images and media are regularly donated to Yorkshire Heroes and these are displayed in good faith. If you believe that any image, media or document appearing on any of our web sites appears without the appropriate authorisation, please contact us immediately so that we can discuss it with you.

If you wish to use any of our resources please contact us before you do do. Most of our images, documents and media are digitally watermarked in order to protect the owner. We are 'happy-chappies' and it is rare for us not to grant a 'permission to use' providing an application has been made in advance.

Some of resources on our site are licenced from, and protected by, third-party agencies who almost always seek recompense if the correct 'application to use' procedures have not been followed. An unauthotised use fee of £1,000 per single resource is not uncommon.