This page is dedicated to the memory of Pte. 'Bert' GILES, Army Air Corps, who died of wounds received fighting in Tunisia.

The Hull Blitz

The Forgotten City

"This is the BBC. Here is the news. German raiders have attacked a north east town...."

...and so it was that the bombing of the City and County of Kingston upon Hull was hidden from the eyes of the world until the recent opening of top-secret World War Two documents. But now the secret is out and it is time for the people of Hull to SHOUT and their suffering to be recognised.

Anyone who has ever lived, worked or studied in Hull will be able to tell of the many 'temporary' car parks around the city. Bits of rough, sometimes metaled, land where fine buildings once stood, or at least until Hitler had his way with them. There are even several 'temporary' prefabricated shops trading in the city centre where, pre-Hitler, the City's finest stores once stood. We even have the front of a cinema in the City's Beverley Road, the back having been taken out by Nazi bombers.

What we have not got is a Roll of Honour to the fallen. We have had no 'official' recognition of the role played by the people of Hull in two world wars - but more of that elsewhere. For now, let us just stay with the story;

The Hull Blitz
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