Tommy Hall
A Hero of the Dardanelle Campaign

Honouring The Fallen - WW1

The first a family would know of the death of a loved one was the arrival of a telegram from the War Office. This would be followed by the WW1 Death Plaque and any medals the deceased would have earned by serving his country.

The WWI Death Plaque (Dead Man's Penny) was issued to the next of kin of servicemen/women who had fallen in the Great War between 1914 and 1918.

The selected design was a 12-centimetre disk cast in bronze gunmetal, which incorporated the following; Dead Man's Penny

The memorial plaque would be accompanied with by a Memorial Scroll, a letter from Buckingham Palace and a often letter from the deceased's commanding officer. They would not usually arrive as a single package, but as a series of separate mailings.

Original pennies can be easily discovered on the Internet auction sites selling for around £30, at the time of writing. It is also possible to obtain new blanks should you wish to replace one lost since the end of the war.